A modern renaissance soul. By day, a digital designer and storyteller. By night, a healer and explorer. I care about people, passion and purpose. In my spare time, I like to make things about the metaphysical and share it using the metaverse. I create at the intersection of the past and future in the present. Everything I do comes from my sense of wonder, curiosity and autonomy.

My journey isn't the norm. I didn't have a privileged upbringing, so I taught myself how to be a designer and storyteller through my love of art. Since my late teens, I have worked on my craft, and my mind, to actualise the creative dreams of my younger self.

As a multidisciplinary designer, I'm autonomous, collaborative, rationale and purpose-driven. Over the last six years, I've worked on a range of products, services and campaigns, both in-house at agencies and through freelancing. I've helped companies, brands, and design teams across many spaces (from finance to music, fashion and health) meet the needs of their audiences.

My expertise are in digital experience design (product, UI/UX) and visual design (graphic, branding & art direction). My projects show the vast skillset I've built through the multiple roles and responsibilities I've assumed across my design career, spanning from ideation to implementation and handoff. I also picked up additional skills along the way in service design, front-end development, copywriting and crafting product strategy (vision, messaging and content).

In my past life, alongside freelancing in design, I had a career in corporate finance. Whilst climbing the corporate ladder, I realised, it didn't align with who I was inside and I didn't feel like it allowed me to contribute to the world as I wished to, which impacted my overall wellbeing. During this period of my life, I spent my time outside working to heal myself from decades of complex trauma, through self-initiated learning of neuroscience, transpersonal psychology and somatic therapy. My suffering deepened my empathy for people and the problems we face, and this helped me decide to leap from freelancing visual design to move into purposeful design, fully switching careers into experience design.

My life story means I get people. To the deepest levels. As a designer, creative, and citizen of the world, my ethos is truly human-centred. I care about who I'm creating for, just as much as I love making things that connect with them - whether it be an interface screen, a blog post or simply a smile.

I create with conscious awareness of the human experience and how what I do makes people think, feel and react. I love to craft experiences that solve problems and helps people get things done so they can focus more on living life. And I like sharing healing through storytelling via my content project 'seeking peace in chaos'.

I believe the core of what we do as designers and creatives, is rooted in empathy, compassion and feeling. My approach involves looking at the bigger picture and overarching impact on both collective and individual needs. I desire challenges as I see them as growth opportunities. I am forever curious and love to ask 'why?'. I don't just think outside the box, I question why it exists - to frame and see things from different perspectives.

Some of my interests include creating, building and expressing using tech, music, film & fashion, therapeutic healing with plant medicine and empathogen retreats, nature, spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, holistic health, travel, inner wellness, psychology, and all things human consciousness.

In the future, I plan to seek opportunities to craft experiences centred around the change and betterment of society through collective healing, with particular interests in the mental health and wellness, biotech, life sciences, psychedelic and digital therapeutics spaces.
Combining my story and skills, with support from Adobe, I'm interested in helping push forward health and wellbeing innovation, building solutions, and amplifying messaging through design. In the future, I'm looking to offer my value to teams and people whose goals and mission align with my purpose - to help create a health-conscious, inclusive & more compassionate world, one that serves people and their wellbeing.

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